Fully automated brazing machine built for Lordan LTD. The machine is based on 2 robots + vision quality control for the parts before assembly, feeding system, assembly system, brazing system and easy HMI interface.

fully automated Co2 Laser welding machine was designed and build for Toolgal diamond tools. 

laser welding machine for turbine blades built for Turbine jet Ltd.

CNC laser welding machine 4 axis built for Ricor Cryogenic & Vacuum Systems.

Laser welding machine build for baccara geva. This machine is making assembly validation and then welding solenoid shafts, 4 in a minute, 2 welds per shaft.

designed & build for Indigo-HP this machine is lifting, turning around and laying down very thin light-sensitive foils. 

Automated Laser welding machine for Polymer made Water Drippers designed & built Rivulis Irrigation Ltd. The machine gets the drippers after assembly of two parts (black & transparent) and welds them with two laser sources + two laser beam scanners to reach the desired rate of 1 dripper per second.

Robotic station for laser welding of different types of Plastic. this clip shows a fixture specially designed for reinforcement of a Poly-carbonate surface by criss-cross ribs with Laser welding. Built for Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.