LWS 3D Metal Wire Printing

LWS novel (Patent pending) 3D metal wire printing system is based on laser melted wire deposition, and offers advantages over existing systems:

Object’s dimensions are not limited – vacuum chamber not needed.
Wire used is available and compiles with existing standards (AWS, AMS, etc.).
Stainless Steel, Alloyed Steel, Titanium, Bronze, Nickel and Cobalt Alloys, etc.
Productivity depend only on laser power
Single session can include two or more types of materials and/or wire diameters.
Ability to print on existing pre-machined or printed parts.
Deposited material quality is as good as filler wire.

Laser Metal Deposition - WIRE

3D manipulated laser is used to melt the surface of a substrate, creating a localized pool of molten metal into which a metal wire is fed to form a bead. The melt pool is manipulated along a 3-D path to create a net-shaped (or near-net-shaped) component bead by bead onto the substrate in layers

The process is highly efficient compared to current powder based Additive Manufacturing methods, which waste an enormous amount of expensive raw materials.
LMD-W process is ready and already applied on several applications. We continue our development to extend the scope of applications.

Our Technology – LMD-W by LWS

Patent pending
Fast : > 5 Kg /h (with 2kW Laser)
Enables deposition on all 2D axes
Using all standard metal wire with diameters of 0.4 mm to 2 mm or thicker (depending on laser power)
Enables two (or more) different wire material or diameter at the same printing session
No limited working area since no chamber or vacuum is needed
The throughput of the system depends only on laser power
Printing head can be installed on Robotic Arm
The Metallurgy of the printed parts are similar to the wire material

The printing results are compatible with welding  standards as AWS 17.1 and AWS 1.1

Application opportunities

Design a new manufacturing sequence using a combination of manufacturing processes that reduces cost, material usage, work in progress, and cycle time
The system can be implemented as a stand alone unit in metalworking factory to produce near-to-shape semi-finished parts, or may be implemented in a multi-axis metalworking machine as a integral part of the process.
Users can select a part build strategy (including pre-machined parts, geometry of deposition, path planning, deposition rate, etc.) and combine it with a finishing strategy
Printing can be done on existing parts
Easy switching between different materials
Versatile structure design
Deep pockets  
Complex design with added structure
No evidence of lack of fusion, pores or material oxidation
No evidence of lack of fusion, pores or material oxidation
No evidence of lack of fusion, pores or material oxidation
Bronze on Stainless cooling channel  
LWS-3D1 Machine
500X500X500mm work area
Linear motors
Tilting & Rotating Table (500mm diameter)
2KW Fiber Laser
2 Wire Feeders 0.6-1.6mm wire diameter
Melted pool temperature control
In-process dimensional control

High deposition rate > 5 Kg/hour ( with 2 Kw  laser)

Deposition Rate depends only on Laser power 
Very good metallurgical structure: like a good welding
No metal oxidation
Can use different material ( SS, Bronze, Titanium, Alloy Steel …)
Can use different wire material at same session
Wire sizes  0.6-1.6 mm ( with 2 kw laser) or higher diameter, depend on laser power
No limitation on printing size ( no vacuum chambers)
Very cost effective system