We have a variety of lasers from 20W fiber laser up to 2Kw diode laser, and a lot in between…  We also have CNC platform of 1,000 X 2,000 mm, a 6 axis robot, clean room and glove box. Our laser welding job shop department is ISO:9001 certificated, and approved for aircraft & aerospace welding by Rafael & IAI. 

Here is an example of what we weld:

Micro wave guide splitter

Made from Al 6061 and AL 4047 this is made & welded by us for ELTA systems ltd as part of their Satellite Communication systems.

Jet Vane

Made from Nickel Alloy this is welded for Bet Shemesh engines ltd.

Diamond concrete cutting chain

Weld of diamond powder segment to a steel chain with a powerful Co2 laser.

Gas Manifold

This part was originally designed for Brazing but when Rafael came to us for a better solution, we re-designed it for laser welding and made all the qualifications and validations needed. This part is assembled on the Venus satellite currently traveling in space.

Solenoid shafts

Assembled from parts made of austenitic & martensitic steel, this wasn’t an easy weld, but we achieved it anyway.

Vacuum Generator

Part of an X-Ray Diffraction Imaging (XRDI) inspection system, made of Stainless steel. Welded by us for Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd.

Jet turbine blade

Made from Nickel alloy this is a part of a Pratt & Whitney engine.

Waveguide Tripod

Aluminum AL6061 square tube with wall thickness of 0.6 mm welded to a flange using wire AL4047.